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How to Hack a twitter account
10-22-2013, 04:49 PM
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How to Hack a twitter account
Today i will be showing u how to hack someone's twitter acount by using a keylogger

A keyloger is a program that saves all your keystrokes and sendss them to an email address. So lets say someone logs in on twitter with your laptop, his passwords gets sent automatically to your email adress. And today I am gonna show you how to do that

First off you will need to get a keylogging program, i recommend this free one

Step1. First off you need an email account. (i don't recommend using your personal email)

step2. Now extract the program i told you to download. If you don't have winrar click here

Step3. Run Project Neptune v2.0.exe

Step4. Now that we have that open lets setup email logging.
(enter your email in "email to send logs" and in "email to receive logs")

[Image: Qeqvh8T.png]

Different email smtp's:
Yahoo: (change port to 995)

Step5. Enter any additional settings

[Image: tQdrPao.png]

Step6. Add a custom error message (optional)

[Image: fyrKM3x.png]

Step7. Add custom company, description, and copyright.

[Image: PKpIwms.png]

Step8. Click "Generate New Server"

[Image: yIzjbaP.png]

Step9. Type in a name for the program and click "save". (if the file gets deleted right after you create it turn your anti-virus off)

step10. Now you have created a keylogging program!! Yeye

!! Now u can either us this on your own pc or install it when on someone's pc when they are not looking !!

Happy hunting Laugh

[Image: challenger_i.png]
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